Monday, January 10, 2011

Curving Lines and Shapes: Links List

Read how to make this apple here 

The Pages free Draw Tool has a lot of power which is easy to master. It is not just curving lines you can create with it,  with drawing tool you can do exactly what it says – draw. And 'write' too. In fact, you can create your own full alphabet in any language – and original cards and drawings. I have published several articles on various uses of the drawing tool.

Here is a list of posts about curving lines and irregular shapes:

Card Design in iWork/Pages: A Complete 10-Step Tutorial

The Snowman: drawing and editing images in Pages 

Christmas graphics and clipart: a few easy tricks

'Thought Bubble': Edit Shape in Pages

Arrows and call-outs: show yourself in a mass photo

Please feel free to send me your own ideas, questions and links to what others do with Pages.

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