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I really appreciate readers' comments - it's what keeps me going. Thank you all for supporting this blog. Here is a selection of readers' comments with links to relevant posts.

Zachariah, Senior Editor, Teton Journal, Jackson Hole, Wyoming,
"Your website was the ray of hope that I needed, as I was about to abandon the notion that it was possible to print a tabloid, on a web press, that was created solely in Pages. I can however affirm that it is entirely possible since I have now successfully done it. Thanks so much for creating this invaluable resource." 
Doug Gilmore (re. From Pages to CMYK PDFs):
Let me say what a great help your blog has been. I am using Pages and Keynote to create everything from letterhead to video titles to animated banner ads. So I was thrilled to find someone using Pages rather than InDesign or Quark to create professional work like your guides. I love the savings in money and learning time.

Realmac Software Community Forums (Germany, re PDF Settings for Professional Printshops and a Few Tips): 
Die Seite ist ohnehin eine Fundgrube für die Nutzer von Pages. 
(The site is already a treasure trove for the users of Pages.)

E. from Norway (re. Three steps from Pages to PDF): 
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Saved my life...
Peter (re. Three Steps from Pages to PDF):This is probably the best moment of my life this year! I create [in my opinion] GREAT stuff in it! And then the whole conversion to pdf thing drove me bats! Now I can do it! Thank you!
This is a wonderful piece of work - thanks for sharing! It resolved quite a frustrating time of back and forth with the printer!
Corey Koch:
Well Done. I am a graphic designer, living in Normandy and have seen your magazine from the start. Having used Quark Xpress for the last seventeen! years, I am amazed you managed to get it looking this good. I can pick holes but, hey, there must be a future without Quark holding us to ransom. Well done! We enjoy reading it.

Andrea Stevens (re Curving Lines and Shapes – Make Them in Pages):
Basically everything you post is a question I have had in mind, or shows an alternative to how I have approached some problems. This curving line thing is something I had never come across, and thought that pages didn't allow for free hand drawing. But it is great, and now I can make things look "flowy". I have actually used this tip on my catalogue
Thanks for the good guidelines (not just for Pages) Four years ago I published a book using Papyrus with PDFs sent to the printer. I followed almost all of your steps. One critical factor that is overlooked: Always have someone else edit the final document(s). No matter how careful we are, we will always miss some small errors. Keep up the good work and advice.
Poppy (re 5000 Pageviews)
Congratulations! I come back to your blog for help in iPages for every project. Your tips are extremely helpful. I also enjoy your photos and other blogs especially Running With Dogs :) 
Sister Julie (Chicago):
I just got my first Mac and chose to go with iWork. I was happy to stumble upon your blog which is helping me make the transition from Word to Pages. Excellent job. Thanks for the work you do.
Al Coffman (re. Three steps from Pages to PDF):
Just a note of thanks. Your post solved a problem for us in a quick and clear manner! Merci beaucoup.
Thank you! My printer needed a CMYK pdf and I couldn't find a solution until I read this. Not everything you suggested worked out for me though - I couldn't set the resolution because the I couldn't locate the commands you suggested. I'm working in Pages '08 - maybe they have created a higher dpi as a default? Best wishes, Karyn
REALLY USEFULL!! I created a flyer, but I needed it in JPG... Thanks 4 the trick, man!
Anonymous (re. Quick word count in Pages):
Thanks! I am writing a paper and was wondering where that darn word count was!
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