Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simple tricks with photos: linked contents

Here is a list of links to articles about working with photos in Pages. All the tricks are easy to master with just the basic knowledge of how Pages work. The rest, as Albert Einstein said, is imagination.

Drag and Drop Direct from Mail
Preview Drawer trick: a quick way to select and import photos into Pages
Picasso's room: Simple drawings with photos, edited shapes and curved lines
Use Preview to update repeated formats

The Hughes Family templates: how to make collages and mosaics with photos
Happy New Year 2009! Drawing letters and images in Pages
Christmas graphics and clipart: a few easy tricks
How to change background in a photo
Remembrance theme: using background images
Obama, Blues Brothers and Picasso - yes, we can
How to separate people in the photo from the background
Remembrance poppies: make your own clipart
When picture wrapping pushes caption out of the text box
How to download photos
Blue conversions: a solution
Rose Cover: simple tricks with photos
Simple tricks with photos: fading from side to side
Fading out background image
Extracting photos back from Pages documents
No fuss with resizing pictures: use image fill

The list is updated as new posts are published.
Please come back to check out new tips and tricks.

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