Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blue conversions: a solution

Here is a recent example of a "blue conversion":
Top right picture shows a restaurant courtyard. The photo in jpg format is dropped into the magazine page and looks ok. But after conversion to press-quality PDF it appears as a solid blue rectangle. (picture below left)

To make the photo convertible:

- Open it in Safari or Preview and 'Print' to iPhoto (Save PDF to iPhoto option in the Print Dialogue window)
- check the image in iPhoto and import it into your Pages document.

If the image is fine in iPhoto it will convert properly in Pages-PostScript-PDF process. (picture on the right)

Once again I must say that I don't know why blue conversions happen, nor can I explain why 'printing' them to iPhoto resolves the problem. It simply works and as with most other tips on this blog it's all that matters.

I have tested this process several times with several different photos and have successfully used it in the magazine.

Please see a description of the blue conversion problem here and the Pages-PS-PDF process here.

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