Thursday, March 11, 2010

Curving text in Pages: a suggestion

A reader suggested how to curve small amounts of text for design purposes, like for instance, an address. The idea is to put each letter in its own text box and then arrange the boxes in a curving line.  (click here and go to the last comment in the thread)

I've tried out the technique with 'rue des Pages', a real street in the town of Flers, Normandy (see picture in the side-bar and this earlier post).

It works, but it is time-consuming. Thanks for the nice suggestion.

A few tips:

- uncheck ‘object causes wrap' in Wrap Inspector, otherwise the boxes will interfere with each other and letters will disappear.

- when arranging boxes press Command while moving them. This disables ‘snap to grids' function which gets in your way and may be very annoying.

You may want to do it this way if you have a favourite font. But I would also suggest trying to draw your own letters - do the whole alphabet! - and then copy-pasting them as objects and arranging them in a curving line. I've described how to in several previous posts, for example here, and on using various styles of shape frames to make letter here. Look here for a list of related posts. It may take the same amount of effort as doing it with text boxes.

After I posted this, I found another easy way of curving text. Please read 'Curving text in Pages with Comic Life'. Here is an example:

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  1. You could use a circle as guide line for the curved text.


  2. I suggest using EazyDraw (purchase from the Apple AppStore) which can place text along an arbitrary curve

  3. Anonymous12:25 am

    how did you rotate your individual text boxes??

    1. When the box is selected it shows small squares - handles. Press Commnad key (with Apple logo), click and hold on any of the squares and drag. This rotates the box.
      Or go to Metrics Inspector (with a small ruler). At the bottom, there is rotate wheel which you can drag to rotate a selected object/box or click on up and down arrows to rotate the object degree by degree.

  4. Anonymous8:21 am

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