Friday, January 04, 2019

Saving photos in Pages documents — and extracting them back.

It's been a while, but only recently I realised that I often put photos in Pages documents to save them for use later in a project or to keep text and illustrations together.

And it makes sense. You can only put very brief description of the photo in the name of the file, but in a text document you can give it a full description, place it in a context, format and edit it. And still keep it in the full original beauty.

One stumbling block that I encountered years ago when I started using Pages was how to get the photo back from the document if for some reason you want it back as a separate file. There is a simple trick that isn't obvious unless you know it.

In the Pages document click on photo to select it.

In the Inspector side-panel click on Image. You will see a small icon with the name of the file.

Click on the icon and hold.

Drag it to the Desktop — that's it, that will be the original photo file.

Now you can share it, use with a different document, upload it to the Internet etc.

(If you can't see the side-panel, go to the View menu, slide down to Inspector and choose Show Inspector).


Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year Greetings, a card.

Happy New Year to all I Work in Pages readers!

It took me less than an hour to draw this card almost entirely with Pages Draw Pen (you can see it in the top right corner of the Shapes menu in the current Pages version (7.3). The Robin on Snowman's hand is from my previous design. The handle of the bucket is a line with end-points.

Enjoy graphic design in Pages!

This image shows all the separate elements highlighted:

And here you can see the Snowman's body with the dots I used when drawing him:

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Word Count Revisited — Pages 7.2

For word (character) count, go to the View Menu and slide down to Show/Hide word character count. It will appear at the bottom left corner of your document in Pages.

The current version of Pages (7.2) allows you to select easily a word, character lines or paragraphs count. Just click/tap on the drop-down menu there and select what you need.

Readers of this blog often ask how to subtract the endnotes or footnotes from the overall word count.

This is fairly easy: press the Command key (next to the Space bar) and tap A. This highlights the whole of the text but leaves out the footnotes. Note the word count and click/tap away. That's it!

The screenshot below shows a character count of the thesis I am currently working on without the footnotes.

See also this post on the same subject, and enjoy Pages!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Eve. Advanced Drawing with Pages.

Over the years, I've posted here many times on the hidden gem, i.e. little known powerful set of design tools in Pages. In many ways it is no less sophisticated than similar Adobe applications but incredibly easy to master — and a pleasure to use. Some may even find it therapeutic, a respite from your usual work. Try, for example, to design a family or a company logo or even copy a famous picture.

As Apple updated Pages, menus, tools, and shortcuts have evolved and changed. However the basic principles of drawing with Pages tools remain the same in the current version of Pages. The main tool you would want to use is the  'Pen Tool', or draw tool. In the current version, Pages 7.2, October 2018, you will find it at the top right of the Shapes menu (see screenshot at the end of this post). Click on it and begin to draw shapes, lines, modify them, give them colour, and combine several shapes to create your own original image.

Here is a detail from 'Eve', a famous print by Eric Gill (1926). (I am not publishing here the full version to comply with Google's advertising rules, but you can see it on my other blog, 'Reading Art', here. You can support both, I Work in Pages and Reading Art, by donating via PayPal, click the button at top right of the blog.)  

This image is made entirely of lines and shapes created in a Pages document. See below for more explanations.

In the image below I've selected a hair on the woman's head. Note: it is a shape, not a line. To draw it, you need to click several time with the drawing pen and double click at the end of the shape. Then curve it, give it colour (here, it is Tin from the crayon box), move it around, drag to shorten or elongate. Repeat to create more. Zoom in when you work on small details of the picture.

This next image below shows the same detail but with a different hair selected. Now, this is a line. It may be easier to draw: from the shapes menu you select 'Line' rather than Drawing Pen, and then modify it. However, it gives you fewer options when you want to change style, curvature or other features. Working with the drawing pen may be more fiddly but allows you more creative space.

Visit Reading Art blog to see the full image, and you can see the original print on Wikipedia/Wikimedia here

Pen Tool in shapes menu.


Sunday, March 04, 2018

Apple has a problem.

One of the annoying and occasionally confusing aspects of working on a Mac, or any other Apple device for that matter, is their language. They often turn out phrases that seem to put blame on you, the user, or seem to alert you to a 'problem' that is not a problem at all but simply a signal to take a certain step to carry on with what you're doing.

There is no problem. No problem with you. It's Apple who has a problem with their language.

Consider this:

This is a message that comes up when you start up your Mac. Here there is no problem with your iCloud or your gmail account. You don't need to fix this problem. 

It is merely an invitation to log in into your iCloud account. Click on iCloud Preferences and type in your Apple ID password. 

That's all.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all readers of I Work in Pages!

See previous years' Snowmen and Robins at this link. Includes tutorials, tips and videos. Some menus and tools may be different in the current Pages version (6.3.1) but the basic principles remain the same and still work.  
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