Friday, January 01, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

 (Drawing and painting in Pages)

My annual New Year's card with a study after Modigliani, a Snowman and a little Robin. To add the past year's flavour I drew a few covid masks, a subject of so much debate and angst.

Everything here is drawn using Pages tools.

The mask itself is a modified Polygon from the Shapes menu with a Border and an Advanced colour fill. The straps are curved lines with endpoints.

The figures 2021 are drawn with the Pen Tool. When you click on Shapes in the Tool Bar you can see it in the top right corner.

'Modigliani's' model is a combination of edited shapes with colour fills.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Happy Christmas 2020!

(Drawing in Pages)

Miserable as this year has been, still there is a cause to celebrate Christmas as a beginning of somethinig new and better.

Here is a drawing I made with tools available in Pages.

The faces are edited shapes from the Shapes menu. 

Eyes, eyebrows and the beard I made with the draw tool, the little pen you see at top right when you click on Shape in the Tool Bar.

Halos are coloured shadows from circle shapes hidden behind the faces. 

Note that Mary and Joseph have shadows going down to indicate their bodies.

The second image shows the shapes used in this computer graphics when selected.

If you have any questions ask me. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

How to type grave accent on a QWERTY keyboard.

Keyboard Viewer shows letters
where you can type the grave accent
If you are used to the QWERTY layout on your keyboard but occasionally have to type in French or other languages with accents, you don't have to switch to the French AZERTY layout.

To type the grave accent, the one that goes to the left, press the Option (Alt) key and tap on the accent key to the left of the Z. Then type an 'a' and you get à the preposition instead of a the form of avoir (to have). This is good for capitals as well — À.

The same works for all other vowels. The screenshot here shows the QWERTY layout with all the keys where you can type the grave accent.

PS: I've checked this trick for Pages 8.1 version, it still works.

Accent grave: Accent qui marque le e ouvertL’accent grave sert aussi à distinguer des homonymes :  (adverbe) et ou(conjonction); à (préposition) et a (verbe avoir).

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Jumping from word to word.

This little trick may be useful when you micro-edit a text. 

When you want to jump from word to word quickly, you don’t need to click with your moust cursor or swipe on the trackpad — and miss. 

Instead, press Shift and tap on right/left arrows. The cursor will ‘jump’ to the next word. 

Equally, you can highlight text word by word by pressing Shift and Option simultaneously. This can be useful for example, when you add hyperlinks to parts of the text.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Clipart: telephone sign

(Emoji and Symbols)

Update for Pages 8.1, Mac OS High Sierra.

The telephone symbol can be found in two ways.

In the main menu at the top of the screen, go Edit > Emoji and Symbols.

This opens a huge collections of various non-letter or letter-like symbols, including the beloved of the internet generation silly faces and cute animals. The telephone symbol ☎︎ is right at the bottom of the window, in the section Sign/Standard Symbols and marked ♻︎ in the speed selection panel at the bottom of the window. By clicking on the double arrow sign there you can skip from section to section without having to scroll down a very long cache of options.

The second, more traditional way is to open the same window by clicking/tapping on the Language/Keyboard layout selection icon at the top right of the screen and sliding, again, to Emoji and Symbols.

Note that this works in Pages and in practically all Mac applications and browsers, including Google Chrome.

This post is an update to my previous articles on Mac clipart and various hidden places where you can find it. Click/tap on the clipart tag to read more. The previous post about the telephone symbol is here, I am going to update and link it to this.

The most recent article here described the Character Palette/Viewer. Now, in the current Mac OS (July 2019), it is replaced by Emoji and Symbols palette (viewer or window, describe it as you wish).  

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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Blogger login problem after Google+ closure

For several days now there has been an 'endless loop' problem with logging in into Blogger.

When try to log in or go to Blogger from whatever other Google application, such as gmail, by  choosing Blogger from the services menu at the top right of the browser page, it takes you to the Welcome page inviting you to create a blog or log in. When you click login it takes you back to the Welcome page.

The solution here is to go to your Google profile and 'change' your profile (displayed) name. In fact, you don't have to change it, just type it in as it is or was and click go to Blogger. Than will take you to your usual Blogger page with blog posts, stat and all the other stuff.

Here is the direct link:  
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