Wednesday, July 23, 2008

'Blue conversions' problem and a few workarounds

This problem comes out of the blue and there seems to be no pattern to it happening. An ordinary looking JPG or PDF would not convert properly from Pages to PDF, but instead appear as a solid blue (cyan) shape.

It happens sometimes even when existing graphic elements which had converted successfully before, are just updated. Files made in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign could be affected.

I could not find out why this happens or how to resolve this.

If you are struck by the 'blue conversion' problem here are a few workarounds I've used:

- try converting again, sometimes the problem 'just goes away'
- ask the file to be resent to you in high-definition PDF
- try converting on another computer
- if all of the above doesn't work, ditch the file and find a different one which fits with your project.

A friend who works with me said: 'Sometimes it's best not to try and work it out - it fries your brain!'.

Still if anyone has an explanation or a solution I would like to hear very much.

This striking photo of 'champagne breakfast' turned into a solid cyan rectangle after conversion.

Photo by Shu Milne

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