Thursday, July 24, 2008

Screenshots in Mac OS

The keyboard shortcut for screenshots on Macs is:


Cursor turns into crosshairs. Drag it over an area on screen and let go. After a camera shutter sounds a PNG picture file appears on the Desktop.

This a very useful feature. Light PNG pictures can be used on web-sites and sent via email.

Screenshots of menus, windows or any particular problems you need help with are absolutely invaluable when working in a team.

Other screenshot shortcuts:

Command+Shift+3 - screenshot of the whole computer screen.

To avoid the hassle of selecting a window (any window, including an open document) or a menu when you need the picture of a particular item:

Command+Shift+4 - and hit the Space bar instead of dragging the crosshairs. The window highlights with a little camera at the top. Click on the highlighted window to get the screenshot.

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