Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rose cover: simple tricks with photos

I had a beautiful close-up photo of a frosted rose which I decided to put on the cover of a February issue with the Valentine's theme.

There was a problem with the photo - it had squared proportions. So, when I fitted it into the A4 page format the top of the page stayed empty. I couldn't increase the dimensions, because the sides of the rose would be cut, couldn't drag to the top, because the bottom of the cover would have been empty.

So here is a way to make the cover with a photo that doesn't fit.
- import the same picture onto the cover again,
- send the second photo to back (Arrange menu),
- slightly increase the dimensions to align the white, slightly blurred, contours of frosted leaves in the photo at the back with the white frosted lines in the main photo. The seam between the two photos is just below the magazine strapline which makes it almost invisible, unless you look specially.

The job would have been done by this stage, but a small bit of the red rose petal slipped inside the top of the page.

- cover unwanted bits of the photo with patches, here it was a triangular object. Send backward (under arrange menu, or shortcut: Option+Command+Shift and hit B continuosly until the patch is between the main photo and the photo at the back.) Fill object with gradient colour (Object Inspector) and match the gradient colours with the colours in the photo (use magnifying glass in the Colour well). That makes the patch practically invisible.

This trick is simple to master and gives good design results with just the tools available in iWork/Pages.

See also this earlier article:
Last minute corrections - use patchwork
Original rose photo: Richard Allen

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