Friday, September 19, 2008

How to Download Photos: Just Drag and Drop

I am sure most Mac users already know this trick, but if you are just starting to build your stock you may find this tip useful. To download a photo from the internet to your computer

Click on the image, hold and drag to your Desktop.

It's dead easy, so easy that I always giggle to myself when I come across complicated multistep advice on downloading photos from the internet, sometimes even software for sale to do this.

When you've dragged a picture to your Desktop, you get a file, in most cases in .jpg format. They come in various sizes and resolutions. Many internet images have a 72 DPI count, quite low, to allow fast loading of internet pages.

For good quality print projects these can only be used in very small sizes. If you need a good quality picture which you plan to use in a large size you should have at least 300 DPI count in real size. Many web-sites, including wikipedia/wikimedia have clickable pictures which open up in higher resolution, good for quality printing.

Remember to check copyright status of images and crediting requirements. Wikipedia and many public/government web-sites have current affairs photos free for use (in public domain.) There is a number of web-sites, including, offering amateur photos for free downloads and use. However, while digital photography made taking snaps very easy, a good picture requires a lot of creative work, planning, thinking, preparation, luck - and talent. A good photographer always puts part of their soul into the picture.

If a photo has a name to it, I make it a rule to mention it in photo credits.

Oh, and apple photos on this blog are all mine, clickable and free to reuse. Please credit to Alexander Anichkin (Александр Аничкин) and link to this blog.

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