Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick JPEGs straight from Pages

1. In an open Pages document Print (Command+P)
2. In Print dialogue window click on PDF drop-down menu
3. Choose 'Save PDF to iPhoto'

I've been struggling for some time to produce JPEG images from Pages to send out to friends and clients. Now this simple method gives me a quick and easy way to send out Pages documents - cards, invites, flyers or proofs - all straight from iPhoto. If you have a blog or a web-site these JPEGs are ready for uploading.


  1. REALLY USEFULL!! I created a flyer, but I needed it in JPG...

    Thanks 4 the trick, man!

  2. holy, I spent 5 hours on 3 posters and came to realize i couldn't save it to a JPEG. THANKS DUDE!!

  3. Another tip: In Pgaes....Edit>Select All....Arrange>Group...Edit>Copy...switch to Preview, File>New...File>Save As...choose your filetype from the pulldown and save!

  4. thanks for this site- so helpful! I found this add in also that exports your pdfs to iphoto as jpg at 300 dpi - that magic industry standard number! :)

  5. Lindsay, thanks for this comment.

    I'd rather be careful with Softpedia. Check out this post and comments. Better be safe than sorry.

    If you do use this add-on yourself without any problems, please post it here.


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