Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year 2011: Drawing a Snowman and a Robin

Happy New Year!

This is a simple picture of the Snowman I made entirely in Pages using available shapes and drawing some with the Drawing Tool. I then edited shapes, added different outlines (picture frames), colour fill and gradient fill and coloured shadows. The year number is drawn with the free draw tool. I added a picture frame to 0 to make it look like a snowball.

This year I've added a robin to the picture. The whole project took less than two hours to finish. Try it while the festive season lasts – you may want to send a thank you card or reply to someone who you forgot to put on your Christmas card list.

Here is the image of the robin, which I designed separately:

Once again, only tools available in Pages have been used here. When I put robin on snowman's hand I flipped the image in Metrics inspector and shortened robin's tail to make it look as though part of it is invisible behind the hand. The image is a screenshot (Command+Shift+4) of the artwork in another Pages document, with the white background removed by Instant Alpha tool.

See previous Snowmans:

Snowman 2010 with explanations - let me know if I missed anything.

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And read a 10-step tutorial to designing cards in Pages.

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