Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Health & Efficiency: three serious reasons to work with both hands

Combine mouse operations with keyboard shortcuts, because it is:

Generally, it is quicker to do most operations with keyboard shortcuts rather than with the mouse.

Using both hands reduces the stress put on the mouse-hand. In extreme cases, if you work long hours dragging and clicking, repetitive strain syndrome may develop. It is painful and takes a long time to treat.
It is also healthier, because when you use both hands, you don't have a spare limb to pick up cigarettes, snacks or drinks.

Avoid tea and coffee spills - a major cause of computer damage.

Everybody has their own favourite shortcuts. So, try this and that to see what suits you better. Some may seem awkward at first, but once you've developed a habit you stop thinking, how do I do this, but hit shortcuts in the same unthinking way as you tie your shoelaces.

Keyboard shortcuts, if available, are shown next to menu items. Many others are in System Preferences>Keyboard and Mouse.

David Pogue's 'Mac OS X: The Missing Manual' has a rich commented appendix with loads of general Mac shortcuts, many of them little known, but very useful.

Please send me your own favourite shortcuts to publish here.

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