Friday, November 30, 2007

Deleting to the right on Mac laptops

Use Backspace key to delete to the left and Delete key to delete to the right. That is if you have a full keyboard layout. On iBooks there isn't a delete key, keyboard is without two additional sections for navigation and for calculating. And it may be annoying.

Press and hold fn, hit Backspace and you delete to the right
Press fn+Option, and Backspace deletes text word by word
This isn't really a Pages question, but a general Apple Mac tip. I'm only publishing this in praise of elbow grease, an age old remedy for almost any problem.

For a long time I've been looking for a way to delete both to the right and to the left on a shortened laptop keyboard where there is only a Backspace key which deletes to the left, but no Delete key as on bigger keyboards, which deletes to the right. I've tried this and that, looked up in manuals and in help sections and couldn't find a solution. Until I decided to sit down and devote a long session to just this - finding out how to delete to the right on my iBook. After trying dozens of combinations I found it: the little 'fn' (funny) key - last on the left in the bottom row of the keyboard. Press and hold, hit Backspace and it works like the Delete key on the big keyboard - deletes to the right.

Used with Option key (alt) Backspace deletes text word by word, with fn+Option Backspace deletes word by word to the right.

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  1. Assuming you are interested in more KB shortcuts, can I point you to my own, recently created resource?

    Feedback weclomed, it is donation/postcard ware, please download and spead it around!

    Regards from Edd


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