Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three Dots Shortcut (Ellipsis)

This one is for you if you love unfinished sentences and thoughts, or if you sigh after every (written) phrase, or even in the middle of the phrase. Or, seriously, for omitted parts of a quotation, or for long lines between parts of text.

To type three dots in one hit on the keyboard, press Option (alt ⌥) and hit semicolon (;).
⌥ + ;  =  …
The 'posh' name for the three dots is ellipsis. To read all about it, go to this wikipedia article, which also shows and describes other punctuation signs. 


  1. Anonymous3:27 pm

    What is "⌥"

  2. it's the key in the bottom row between ctrl and Command (with the Apple icoon/ and a squiggly rectangle). Usually it's referred to as Option.


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