Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012! Snowman and Tree.

Happy New Year to the readers of I Work in Pages!

I've just quickly drawn a tree with a star on top. It may need more tweaking, but I am putting it here anyway. See if you can improve on this desi

The picture on the right shows the click-points I made with the Draw tool while designing the tree. After the basic shape is drawn make the shape editable: Format>Shape>Make editable. Next, to make curves, add Format>Shape>Smooth Path. Drag and rotate editing handles that look like propellers sticking out of each editing point (little red dot) when it is selected.

Outline of the shape is 2 points, colour is Cayenne. The tree has gradient colour fill – Fern and Moss.

The star is from the Shapes menu with an advanced gradient fill flowing from Maraschino in the centre to Salmon at the edges. The outline is 2 points thick, colour is Cayenne.

The little robin sitting on snowman's hand is also designed in iWork. See details in 'Designing Robin: Smaller Graphic Elements'.

I've made several versions of the snowman. Read details in this article: 'Snowman: Drawing and Editing Images in iWork'.


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