Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Add Objects as Inline Instead of Floating

This tip is for those who have a habit of working like this: store photos or other graphic images on the Desktop and drag them into the Pages project when needed. 

When Pages are ready to 'take' the photo a blue contour line appears around the outer margins or around a placeholder (mediaholder). Let go of the mouse and the picture will plop in the document as a floating object.

Golden Retriever
If your project is mostly text, you may want to anchor the image to a particular part of the text – the one that the image illustrates. For example, you describe your new-born puppies, black and white, and want the picture of the white puppy to stay with his description and the black puppy portrait – with his.

When images are floating, the relevant text may flow away from the description as you write. When they are inline (anchored), they will move with the text.

To import an image as inline straightaway: 

Press Command (⌘) as you drag and the blinking cursor will indicate the insertion point!

Let go, and the white puppy will sit with his description and the black will be anchored to his. 

Black Retriever 

If you copy-paste an image from another document, click on the point in text where you want it to go as an inline object. If you copy-paste and want the image to be floating, click on one of the floating objects already in the document and then paste (or click outside the text area, so that there is no blinking cursor).

Video clips and objects of other types can be imported in the same way.

The puppies are mine and have grown into beautiful big dogs.

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