Friday, January 04, 2019

Saving photos in Pages documents — and extracting them back.

It's been a while, but only recently I realised that I often put photos in Pages documents to save them for use later in a project or to keep text and illustrations together.

And it makes sense. You can only put very brief description of the photo in the name of the file, but in a text document you can give it a full description, place it in a context, format and edit it. And still keep it in the full original beauty.

One stumbling block that I encountered years ago when I started using Pages was how to get the photo back from the document if for some reason you want it back as a separate file. There is a simple trick that isn't obvious unless you know it.

In the Pages document click on photo to select it.

In the Inspector side-panel click on Image. You will see a small icon with the name of the file.

Click on the icon and hold.

Drag it to the Desktop — that's it, that will be the original photo file.

Now you can share it, use with a different document, upload it to the Internet etc.

(If you can't see the side-panel, go to the View menu, slide down to Inspector and choose Show Inspector).


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