Thursday, July 20, 2017

Pages 6.2. The Shapes Library.

See this and other photos of Normandy
on my photo blog.
Apple’s new version of Pages 6.2 released this Summer has, among other new features, a large shapes library. 

Lovers of clipart often complained that there wasn’t enough of it on a Mac. So, here you are with several hundred predrawn clipart-like shapes, or images ready to use or modify.

Make sure your Pages document is set to show the Toolbar. If it isn’t go View > Show Toolbar. In the Toobar click/tap on the green rectangle and the library opens with the basic shapes first, including the powerful but often undervalued Draw tool. Then we have a collection of shapes grouped by topics — objects, nature, animals, business etc.

They are ok to use as they are. Select one, click on it and it will appear in your document.

However, if you want something more eye-grabbing there are many ways to modify the preset shapes. One of the easiest ones is Image Fill — putting an image (a photo) inside the shape.

Here is how it works. 

Let’s go to Symbols section and get a ‘credit card' shape. It looks like this:

1. Drag one of the editing points (little squares seen when the shape is selected) to enlarge the shape.
2. In the Inspector Pane, click on Style. Here you have a selection of different colours for your shape, but go further down to the Fill section, click on the tab under Fill to open the menu and select Image Fill.

3. Now, below you can click on Choose and select a favourite image from Desktop. Click on it to select and then click Open to put it inside the credit card shape.

Another option is to go to your Photos collection. Click on the Photos icon in the Dock to launch the programme. When it opens find a photo you want to go on the credit card and drag it straight from the Photos onto the credit card shape in the Pages document. Here, I've used my photo of a field of wheat with red poppies (©A.Anichkin, 2017).

4. Switch from Photos to Pages and resize the photo by dragging the Scale slider that shows up after the image is imported. 

Reposition the photo inside the credit card by clicking and holding on it. When the little white hand appears drag the photo inside the card until you are satisfied. 

Save — and that’s it!


  1. Thank you for this information, Alexander. Has the option to use Facing Pages been reinstalled on the new upgrade? I still have to use my original version of Pages to set gutter margins for my paperback books.

    1. Celia, hi,
      No I don't see this option. I've been looking into various workarounds, for example linking text boxes in a Landscape (horizontal) document. But I am not ready to report yet.
      Preview has an option of viewing document pages side by side (facing). Type Command+P and go to Open PDF in Preview. In Preview, set View to Two Pages. It's not the same as working on two facing pages but at least it's something. Cheers!


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