Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to make text stand out on difficult background.

Putting text over background images or simply on photos can be complicated when there are different colours and textures in the image. Parts of text can get completely lost.

To make the text stand out, put it in a Text Box, then go to Graphic Inspector and choose Fill > Color Fill. When Colours Inspector (Viewer) opens, choose a colour that does not radically contrast with the colours of the image, but is similar.

In Graphic Inspector, drag the Opacity slider to around 50 percent. Remember: you should be changing the opacity of the fill colour, not of the text. The colour fill becomes semi-transparent, allowing the text to be clear and sharp, but with the background image still visible.

Here is how it works with a macro photo I took the other day. It shows a greenish lichen on the mostly grey trunk of a rowan tree. (See my other photos on The Rendezvous Photo Journal).



The grey used for colour fill here is the Silver from the box of Crayons in Colors Inspector with opacity set at 50 percent.

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