Monday, April 30, 2012

Storing frequently repeated text. Stickies.

Stickies with stored text.
A while ago I wrote about various ways of storing and reusing chunks of repeated text. And quite recently I've stumbled upon an article on a Mac tips site on the same subject. The article recommends using TextOnTrays free application from TrainTrain Software. I can't say anything for or against the application. From its description it looks like a neat solution, certainly try it if you feel like it.

However, I want to reiterate the principle that I have often expounded on this blog – look at what you already have on your Mac before searching for additional software and installing it. The solution may already be there.

Over the past months I have been working on two large, long-term projects where I am constantly using repeated bits of text – headings, leads, intros, referencing etc. And for storing those ready chunks of text I've been using Stickies.

Stickies is a small word processing application that comes pre-installed on every Mac. It usually sits in the Dock when you start using your new machine. If you don't see it in the Dock it would be in Applications folder.

Because it's so light, it launches quickly with a selection of smallish brightly coloured windows that look like paper stickies.

Stickies are different from other word processing apps: all the windows you've created open when you launch the application. You can double-click in the window bar to collapse it. Collapsed Stickies don't flow down to the Dock but stay on screen. The first line of the Sticky text shows in the bar. On closing the Sticky you delete it. If you highlight a word, a phrase, a paragraph or all the text on a Sticky, it will stay highlighted until you deselect it or quit Stickies.

These features make Stickies perfect for quick scribbles and for keeping repeated chunks of text to which you want quick access.
  • To add highlighted text to your document, in iWork, Mail or any other application, click on it and hold, then drag the text to your document. 
  • The blinking cursor will indicate the insertion point. 
  • Let go – and the stored text will land in your document.
You don't have to switch applications. When you work on an iWork document and the Sticky is in the corner of your screen, click on the highlighted text there and drag it to your document.


  1. It is a nice tip but i would like to go beyond:
    drag the highlighted text as a clipping on the desktop and drag it then into the application you need.
    Today i was able to to send 14 Mails with different attachments in less than 5 Minutes with this method.
    The advantage is that you don' t need to check if the wanted text is high lightened and grab it with the mouse correctly.



  2. Thanks, excellent suggestion!


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