Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where is the Euro sign on keyboards.

Make of it what you will, but on the French AZERTY keyboard, the Euro is an option for the Dollar. 

And there is a slight difference in the position of the Euro sign in QWERTY keyboard layouts.

In US Qwerty layout, press Option+Shift and type 2:

⌥+⇧+2 = €

In British English Qwerty, just press Option and type 2:

⌥+2 = €

In AZERTY (France) layout, the Euro sign is on the same key as the Dollar sign on the right of the top letter row. Press Option and type Dollar:

⌥+$ = €

On British Qwerty, the dollar is Shift+4 and the pound is Shift+3. However, on US Qwerty, there is no pound at Shift+3. You have to type Option+3.

Why this confusion? Originally, keyboard layouts were developed for typewriters in 1880s and computer keyboards simply adopted the already existing layouts adding new signs as options. 

It's nobody's fault if € or @ are used today more frequently than § paragraph sign. Has anyone used § lately?

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