Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to make JPEGs in Lion

For some reason, the popular path Print>PDF>Save PDF to iPhoto has been removed in Mac OSX Lion (10.7). Instead there is a Save PDF to iTunes option. It is difficult to see how widely macusers will need it.
Saving document to iPhoto has long been the easiest one-step way to produce JPEGs from iWork documents. Luckily, I have an older Mac which I’ve decided not to upgrade to Lion – and I still use the iPhoto option. 

If you only have Lion on your machine, here’s a simple two-step way to JPEGs.
1. Print>PDF>Open PDF in Preview 
2. File>Save>JPEG
Type Command+P (File>Print) to open Print dialogue. In the bottom left corner click on PDF and choose Open PDF in Preview option. 

When Preview document opens, type Command+S (File>Save) and in the Save dialogue click on the document format drop-down menu to choose JPEG. The document will be converted to JPEG. 
Next, you can crop or edit it in Preview or iPhoto.

If you are comfortable with Automator, try another path to JPEGs suggested on the Apple discussions forum. I haven’t tried it myself, so cannot vouch for it.

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