Monday, February 27, 2012

How to disable 'snap to grid' (Alignment Guides)

When you move or edit images and boxes in iWork, 'snap to grid' function can be very helpful – objects quickly jump to align themselves with the layout grid or with other objects.

In a design where there are numerous objects it can be maddening. Objects align with the layout grid and with other objects.

To disable this function, press Command after starting to move objects or dragg their handles.  Remember, after, not before, otherwise a different function – rotating – activates.

Apple doesn't actually use the term 'snap to grid'. Instead, we have Alignment Guides in iWork.

If your design requires moving and editing numerous objects, disable Alignment Guides. Under Application menu (Keynote/Pages/Numbers) open Preferences>General  and uncheck the boxes 'Show guides...' under Alignment Guides. The menu says 'Show' but in fact means activate or disable the snap to grid function.


  1. I am so grateful for this article, I had been looking around for ages for a solution to this rather basic function. I had just been in the preferences and dismissed it as it did not have the 'snap to grid' label. Oh well we live and learn, thanks again for taking the time to publish this article.

  2. you're welcome! It took me some time to figure that out.

  3. I thank you also! These little tiny things would be so nice if they had the solutions in their Help. Would it hurt so much to have "snap to grid" in there, then refer us to Alignment Guides?

    You really saved me hours of searching, then giving up, and accepting less than perfect. Thanks again so much for posting this.

    1. yeah, it could be really annoying! I'm glad you found it useful.

  4. This is so helpful. This still works in Pages 6 for Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.

  5. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Thank God for this post.


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