Friday, October 21, 2011

A Remembrance Poppy

If you are working on a Remembrance Day project you may want to design a Red Poppy.

Here are the elements of a Remembrance Poppy:

And here is the finished clipart:

Please read Remembrance Poppy: Designed in Pages.


  1. Not related to this post (sorry), but I want to say that you made my transition from Word to Pages so much calmer!
    I am still wondering, though...when working with a table, how do I change the text direction to vertical instead of horizontal?

  2. I think there is still no such option in tables.

    What is easy to do is to create a text box, write in it and then rotate to vertical position (click outside the box, then click on it again to select as an object, press Command and drag one of the little white squares. To get the right angle press Shift). Resize the text box to match the table dimensions.
    If you want vertical text somewhere 'inside' the table, merge a column of empty cells and superimpose the text box over that column.

    Hope this helps.


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