Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Dog. From Smooth to Wire-Haired (Changing the Shape's Outline)

Please read the article on how to draw Picasso's Dog here.

A reader writes:
Thanks for the tips on using the Bezier pen. I tried to make the jagged line, but was not successful, can you include any helpful hints? – Dawn

To change the outline of the shape (dog's coat) open Inspector and choose Graphic.

In Pages'08 there is only one suitable option – the first one in Graphic Inspector>Stroke>Picture Frame (the tope left one). 

Pages'09 greatly improved the choice of outlines, moving it from picture frames to lines: Graphic > Stroke > Line. Try whatever suits your project best. Here is what I got – all sorts of different breeds of Dachshund (read about them on wikipedia) from smooth short-haired to wire-haired. First, simple outline:

Next option, smudged line, more hair:
And a bit of avant-garde: 
And the outline curves fountain-pen-style:  

And a Japanese calligraphy style:

And a hairy wild dachshund:
And, finally, if you want to add colour, in Graphic inspector click on Colour Fill and on the colour well. When colour viewer opens choose colour (here it's Mocha from the box of crayons):
And remember, the same method can be used to 'write' exciting letters and numbers! Read these two articles on I Work in Pages:

All images ©A.Anichkin
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