Friday, March 18, 2011

Add Arrows to Maps in Pages

There is a ready arrow shape in the Shapes drop-down menu.

Click to import. Arrows can be resized and rotated like any object. In Graphic Inspector change colour of the arrow and its ‘stroke’ – outline or frame.  and edit as suits your project. Drag the arrow into position on the map.

To give the arrow a curved look, go to Format>Shape>Make Editable and then Format>Shape>Smooth Path. The arrow now looks more like a mushroom, than an arrow. Double-click on those points where an angled/squared contour is needed, and get an arrow with a curving stem.
If you just want a thin arrow pointing to a particular spot on the map, use Draw Tool (last option in the Shapes menu). Click once, then again and double click on the second point. In Graphic Inspector set colour fill to ‘none’, choose Line in Stroke and add an arrow-shaped endpoint. Next, change thickness, colour etc. 

See another example and a more detailed how-to in this article: Arrows and call-outs: show yourself in a mass photo.

This post is Part Three of the popular tutorial D-Day Map: making maps, schemes and plans in Pages. Part Two is here. Read an earlier simple 10-step tutorial 'Maps in Pages'

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