Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Face: Drawing Wrinkles

Wrinkles show emotion: let's add a few to make our Valentine’s Droopey more expressive.

The simplest way of doing it is to draw a two point line with the Draw tool: click plus click and double click. Then make it editable and smoothen: Format>Shape>Make Editable and Format>Shape>Smoothen Path. Curve the line with ‘propellers’ on editing points. I used this method to draw the mouth.

To make more complex shapes that look like they were drawn by a felt-pen I used rectangles.
1. Insert Rectangle

Insert a rectangle, make it black, then make editable and smoothen path as above.

Squash using white square handles and curve using red editing points.
2. Make Editable and Smoothen

Work on a large rectangle first, because it’s difficult to edit small images. When you finish curving, check ‘Constrain proportions' box in Metrics Inspector and reduce size.

You need more than one shape for eyebrows and wrinkles. Don’t do them all from scratch again. Just duplicate (Command+D) the first shape as many times as you need. Then place them roughly on the face and rotate, flip and change size (all in Metrics Inspector or press Command and drag the shape’s ‘handles’). If you want to edit one or more shapes copy-paste it into a blank document, enlarge and make the changes, then copy-paste back onto the image.
3. Squash and curve

 The nose is a simple oval with gradient colour fill.

Print your finished Valentine to PDF, JPEG or PNG, put it on a card or attach to an email – send!

Read how to draw the heart and eyes in these previous posts and check out other Valentine's projects here and here.

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