Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's design a Christmas card in Pages: Santa's Cap (6) - cheating

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You can draw the cap from scratch, but of course there is an easier way.

Take a ready image from an old card, scan it or take a photo of it, or find one on the internet, drop it into your Pages document and then trace the elements of the image with the Pages Draw Tool. This works much like  tracing paper and pencils. Then colour the elements, edit them, group or make a PDF, JPEG or PNG file to use separately.

This little bit of 'cheating' makes the work much easier.

Here is another Santa's cap I drew. There are five elements: the pompon, the band, the main body of the cap in lighter red and two darker shapes inside. Feel free to reuse it as a clipart image or try to recreate it in Pages by tracing the contours with the Draw tool.

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