Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A point of reference for iWork/Pages users

I started this blog to keep track of all my numerous scribbles with tips, tricks and solutions I found while working in iWork/Pages. They were mostly meant as reminders to myself.

However, over the past two years I Work in Pages has become a popular point of reference and exchange of information on iWork/Pages with thousands of visitors from all over the world, from Beverly Hills, California, to Moscow, Russia, and from Trondheim in Norway to Dunedin in New Zealand.

Top viewed articles on the blog deal with high-quality professional printing and producing PDFs which is obvious, because this aspect of using Pages is not sufficiently covered, neither in the user's manual nor anywhere else. But some of the 'bestsellers' on this blog came as a complete surprise to me. For example, a small item on where in Pages is word (character) count suddenly shot to the top of the list of most viewed articles even though it's rather easy to find.

I am delighted by the response and welcome all questions and suggestions. Here are some of the comments sent to I Work in Pages:

E. from Norway said (re. Three steps from Pages to PDF):


Saved my life...

exegete77 said:
Thanks for all your helpful hints. I just discovered your blog today and will continue reading through your archives.

Sister Julie said:
I just got my first Mac and chose to go with iWork. I was happy to stumble upon your blog which is helping me make the transition from Word to Pages. Excellent job. Thanks for the work you do.
Sister Julie, Chicago

Al Coffman said (re. Three steps from Pages to PDF):
Just a note of thanks. Your post solved a problem for us in a quick and clear manner! Merci beaucoup.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Preparing colour separated PDFs using ColorSync":
Thank you! My printer needed a CMYK pdf and I couldn't find a solution until I read this.
Not everything you suggested worked out for me though - I couldn't set the resolution because the I couldn't locate the commands you suggested. I'm working in Pages '08 - maybe they have created a higher dpi as a default? Best wishes,

Uri has left a new comment on your post "Quick JPEGs straight from Pages":
REALLY USEFULL!! I created a flyer, but I needed it in JPG...
Thanks 4 the trick, man!

Anonymous said (re. Quick word count in Pages):
Thanks! I am writing a paper and was wondering where that darn word count was!

Corey Koch said:
Well Done.
I am a graphic designer, living in Normandy and have seen your magazine from the start. Having used Quark Xpress for the last seventeen! years, I am amazed you managed to get it looking this good.
I can pick holes but, hey, there must be a future without Quark holding us to ransom. Well done!
We enjoy reading it.
Corey Koch


  1. Howdy. I just published our seminary newsletter last month (quarterly paper) using Pages 08. What a joy to use compared to some other (more expensive) options! I don't have a staff to do any of this, but Pages made it relatively easy to do.

    As we continue I want to see how it will handle Greek and especially Hebrew (with RTL direction).

    I look forward to future projects using what I have learned.

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Hi there,
    I have been searching for some help in Pages for photo editing. Wondering if you could help me.
    I am wanting to fade a photo from opaque on the left through to transparency on the right.
    Do you know how to do this?

  3. No, I don't really see how you can do that in Pages. Please let me know if you find out - really good layout feature.
    good luck,

  4. Andrea,
    I had an idea on how to fade a photo in Pages. Please have a look at today's post 'Simple tricks with photos'.
    Hope it helps.


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