Friday, March 18, 2016

Quick note to readers.

Thank you for reading this blog and commenting.

In reply to some queries, I would like to confirm that yes, this blog is current and copyrighted throughout, no republishing is permitted without prior written consent from the publisher and author, Alexander Anichkin.

All content and design is original unless stated otherwise. Photos are all by the author, unless stated otherwise. Republished photos are credited and published here with permission where possible.

Frequency, or infrequency of posts is up to the publisher, this is not a regular commercial publication, this is a private blog.

As this blog has been going for many years, many posts obviously relate to older versions of iWork/Pages. Basic techniques and principles remain the same, though menus and icons in the current version of Pages may look different.

I update posts as I go, but if you have a specific question regarding Pages please feel free to contact me through comments. This blog is public and free for readers, but I would appreciate it if you consider making a donation via PayPal.

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