Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Clipart: Santa's Hat with White Background.

  1. Jennifer Grainger, a reader of this blog asks:
    What about layering on an image? For instance, I'm trying to create a Christmas card to print and send out today - and all I want is to put Santa hats on my husband’s and mine heads in the photos. I found a santa hat clip art on google but I can't seem to layer it on our heads, plus, unlike MS clipart - it has the white box around the image.

    This shouldn't be difficult.

    - Remove the white background around the image with Alpha tool. If it's not in your tool bar, it is under Format menu. Launch Alpha, click on the image and drag the crosshair over the white background several times. The white ‘box’ will disappear. 

    - to put hats on your heads (layering) use Arrange menu>Bring to front. The hats will be in the top layer. If you want the tops to point in opposite directions flip one of the images in Metrics Inspector. If hat proportions are awkward, try unchecking Constrain Proportions in Metrics Inspector. That way  you can stretch Santa’s hat.

    Hope this helps - and Happy Christmas!

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