Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to find out where is your file or folder.

Command+Click on folder title


Command and click the window title to reveal the folder or the file path, i.e. where the open folder or document is on the computer.

Remember that it works with both folders and files (documents.)

This trick is handy when you have a busy computer with lots of files and project folders.  It's best to organise your work as you go. Still, what if you have to find something you worked on last month, last year, or even a few years ago? 

Spotlight is brilliant in that it helps you find files by the keyword that you remember. When you hover the cursor over the name of the file in the Spotlight window it shows its path — where it is on the computer, folder after folder. But when you open the folder or the file you may not remember where it is on the machine. That's when checking the 'path' is helpful. It's like backtracking or zooming out — going from your current immediate location to a larger picture.

You can customise the toolbar of a folder window to have the path icon in it. In the Finder, click View > Customize toolbar and drag the Path icon to the toolbar. Click Done. When you click on the icon in an open folder, it shows the chain or path of all the folders where the one you're in at the moment is placed.

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