Thursday, June 06, 2013

New Graphic Panel.

I have slightly changed the graphic panel of this blog adding a cutout image of an apple.

It is the same apple that sits within the letters of the title. Both techniques, cropping and filling letters with images are described on the blog. You can also see this apple in the favicon — the small icon in the url of this blog.

To learn how to crop an image to make a 'cutout,' see the post 'Mask vs Alpha: how to make cutouts' or read all articles labeled 'cutouts.'

To learn how to fill letters (typography symbols) with an image, read articles tagged 'transparent letters' or see this step-by-step tutorial: 'Letters as Image.'

If you would like to commission a graphic panel for your own blog or website, or have a favicon designed for your url, please contact the editor via comments or through the profile.

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For those interested in apples, this is a late ripening variety called Winter Banana, crisp, sweet and stores well.

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