Saturday, December 01, 2012

Wind Monsters: Create a Slideshow in iPhoto, Import into Pages.

This is a short video I made in iPhoto. I've used a series of photos of our local wind farm. It was a grey, rainy day and the giant turbines, with their bright white blinkers, suddenly looked like some sort of techno-monsters. I called the video 'Wind Monsters'.

Here's a concise how-to:

In iPhoto, select the photos you want to make into a slideshow. If they are all together, click on the first one, press Shift, and press on the last one. They will all be selected.

Click on the plus sign in the bottom left corner and, when dialogue opens, choose 'Slideshow'.

Give the slideshow a title, choose a theme and music. The icons for these are at the bottom of the iPhoto window. Click on Preview to see how it will work.

Next, under File menu, choose Export and a film file format QuickTime.

When the slideshow appears on your Desktop as a .mov or .m4v file you can use it in your iWork documents —Pages, Numbers or Keynote.

Open a Pages document and drag the movie file onto it. It will look like any other graphic object, but if you click on it the slideshow will start to play.

Controls and settings for the slideshow are in QuickTime Inspector (see picture below). The QuickTime files can be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing site.

Don't forget to check the copyright status of both the photos and the music. Here, the photos are mine and the music is from the 'Sample Music' selection provided with iPhoto.

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