Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Pages Walk/Mandela Way T-34 Tank.

Readers of 'I Work in Pages' know that I collect images of places and businesses called Pages, even when they are completely unrelated to Apple's computer programme. It's just for amusement value. Here's another one.

This Russian T-34 tank stands on the corner of Pages Walk and Mandela Way in the London borough of Bermondsey, postcode SE1. The T-34 was the main battle tank of the Red Army during the second world war and is still in use in some countries.

The urban legend says that Russel Gray, a London real estate developer, bought the tank in an East European country and put it on the plot in 1995 after the local council had refused his planning application. It is said that the gun points in the direction of the council building.

The Pages Walk tank has become a local landmark and a 'canvas' for graffiti artists who continuously repaint it with their work. In this 2005 photo the tank is in pink.

I couldn't find a photo the Pages Walk street plaque. If you have one, please send it to me.

Photo by David Edgar (from Wikimedia).

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