Friday, December 07, 2012

Drawing a Snowman.

This is a video tutorial on how to draw a Snowman in Apple's iWork Pages. Watch it here or on my YouTube channel.

Use the Draw tool to create basic shapes. Activate it from the Shapes menu or by going via Insert > Shape > Draw a Shape. 

It works like 'connect the dots' exercises in children's drawing books. And it is as simple. Each click by the draw tool creates a dot. Each new dot is connected to the previous by a default line. To finish the shape, click on the first dot again, or double click on the last dot you've made.

To make the lines curve, drag the mouse around slightly after clicking. The dot will show a 'propeller' with two blades. 

Click on the tip of the propeller and drag. This changes the curve. Pull out to make a more rounded shape, push in to 'slim down' the shape.

Eyes, nose, the bellybutton and the bucket are default shapes from the Shapes menu edited to fit the design. 

Eyes are Ovals.

The nose is a triangle. Under Format menu, choose Shape > Make editable. The triangle will show red dots - editing points. Click on the red dot and drag it to change the shape of the triangle. Double click to make the shape curving and drag the propeller tips to shape the triangle into the Snowman's nose. 

The bucket is a rectangle from the Shapes menu. Make it editable and shape into a trapezoid (top side shorter than the bottom side.)

Use the Graphic Inspector to change colours,  thickness of the shape's contours and add shadows.

The whole project takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

I've used the tools and options available in both iWork'08 and '09. If you only have the older '08 version you will be able to make this Snowman too. iWork'09 has some additional features including Advanced Gradient Fill with which you can add a 3D effect to the drawing.  

This video does not contain explanatory notes and is meant for those who are already comfortable with iWork basics. If you have any questions or comments, please send them in.

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