Friday, October 26, 2012

How to draw a Halloween pumpkin.

I made this pumpkin in Pages. Try it, it's fun. 

All work shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

I've used the following techniques here: 

1. Combined separately drawn pumpkin segments. The starting shape was an Oval. Then I stretched it and made it editable - Format > Shape > Make editable. To move segments into place I used Arrange > Move Backward/Bring Forward.

Don't draw each segment from scratch, just duplicate - Command+D.

2. Here I used the simple Gradient Fill colour option that mixes two colours inside a shape. Colour fill options are in the Graphic Inspector. The two colours I used here are Cantaloupe and Tangerine from the Crayons box in Colours Inspector (viewer). You can also use Advanced Gradient fill where more than two colours can be mixed.

3. For the stalk of the pumpkin here, I used three edited shapes with Gradient Colour fill. The two colours are Cayenne and Mocha from the Crayons box.
The starting shape, again, was the oval made editable: Format > Shape > Make Editable. Then I dragged red dots and propellers to give it a 'twisted' shape.
For the base of the stalk, I simply squashed an oval with Moss colour fill.

Here is a video showing the process. I made it from Keynote slides.

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