Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Yawn. A Drawing.

Here, I was experimenting with drawing a yawn.

After Edvard Munch's picture The Scream was sold for a record-breaking $120 mln. earllier this year I was interested to see how to show a yawn and not a scream. Graphically they are not that different. Well, this is a yawn, and not a scream.

I've used the Pages draw tool to make the shapes and Gradient Fill with Mercury and Magnesium from the Crayons box in the Colors Inspector to give the face and the hand some volume. The inside of the mouth is Steel. The outline is one of the lines in Graphic Inspector.

Here, you can see all the shapes selected.

It may be tricky to make the small shapes for nostrils. Make one and then duplicate it.

I didn't draw the nose. Instead, I've added shadows to the nostrils and increased the blur and the offset of the shadows. Then, I rotated the shadow direction wheel to make the shadows go upwards. Here is the Graphic Inspector showing the settings for the nostrils.

This is a simple picture that can be used as clip art, an avatar or a favicon.

Draw one yourself or commission similar for I Work in Pages.

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