Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ribbons. Draw your awareness ribbon in iWork.

Coloured ribbons are widely used for various awareness campaigns and to show support for particular causes. Often you can download a ribbon of your choice from the Internet. And you can also draw your own in iWork.

I made this pink ribbon (often associated with breast cancer awareness campaign) with the Draw tool. 

- Go to Shapes drop-down menu, choose the last option - Draw tool. 
- Make six clicks with the tool to create the rough outline of the ribbon. If the shape has colour fill, go to Graphic Inspector, click on the Fill drop-down menu and choose None.
- When making a click, drag the mouse around slightly to make the shape (line) editable. The dot will show 'propellers' that will let you change the curves of the ribbon.
- Go to Format>Shape>Smooth Path to make the ribbon rounded (curving).
- In Graphic Inspector, click on the color tab under Line and choose a colour in the Colors Inspector (Viewer).
- From the line styles drop-down menu, choose a style. This picture shows the Graphic Inspector with the settings for this ribbon.

- Curve the contours of the ribbon: click on the tip of the propeller of the selected dot, drag the propellers, extend them or push in to change the curves.
- To give more volume to the ribbon, add shadow by clicking in the checkbox in Graphic Inspector. Remember that shadows also have colours. Click in the colour well and choose a complementing colour for the shadow.

Save when finished. 

Import your portrait, send it to back (under Arrange menu) and move the ribbon over it.

Make the iWork/Pages document into a graphic file - share via Share menu, save to iPhoto or make a screenshot - to use on your website or elsewhere.

This photo shows the ribbon with its editing points (red dots). The numbers show the sequence of clicks with the Draw tool.

This ribbon is a relatively simple design made with a single line. You can make a more sophisticated ribbon by creating an editable shape(s) and giving it gradient color fill like in this white ribbon I designed earlier.

Read this Wikipedia article about the various types and colours of awareness ribbons.

For how to put a ribbon or a badge on your photo read this post: 'Put Remembrance Poppy on Your Photo.'

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