Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to add a picture frame and a copyright signature.

To add a picture frame with curved edges, that looks like an old fashioned photo print, and then add your signature with the copyright sign, you can do this:

1. Import your photo into an iWork document (drag and drop)

2. In Graphic Inspector, click on the drop-down menu under Stroke and choose Picture Frame.

3. Click on the picture frame styles menu and choose the one which gives a ‘curved edges’ effect. Adjust the shadow with the slider there. 

4. To add your copyright signature to the picture, click on Text Box icon in the Toolbar and type in your name. To add the copyright sign (©), press the Option key (alt) and type G.

5. Change the colour of the text to white to place on darker parts of the picture. Select text and click on the colour well in the Text inspector. Choose colour in the Colors Inspector.

6. Move the text box to a corner of the picture, rotate vertically if you want to. To rotate, press the Command key and drag one of the handles of the Text Box.

Export your iWork document to PDF or other graphic format. 

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