Saturday, August 11, 2012

Colouring a Building.

To colour a building, choose a picture that has large areas of consistent color.

Remove the color with Instant Alpha tool.

Add one or more shapes (eg. rectangles or ovals) and choose color fill or gradient color fill in Graphic Inspector.

Send coloured shapes to back. Send to Back function is under Arrange menu.

Coloured shapes will show through the 'holes' in the photo or the building that were created by Alpha.

Adjust the size and position of the coloured shapes. You can select the shapes by clicking on them and move them around by dragging or with the keyboard arrows.

If the shapes overlap, resize or move them.

You can also 'shuffle' them by using Bring Forward and Send Backward functions under Arrange menu. This moves shapes (images) layer by layer. To make this easier, add icons for Send to Back, Bring to Front, Send Backward and Bring Forward to the Toolbar. To do this, go to the View menu and choose Customize Toolbar. Drag the icons to the Toolbar and click Done.

This project is a homage to the Russian feminist punk-rock group Pussy Riot. Three members of the group are currently on trial in Moscow for creating an anti-Putin performance partly staged in the cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Read more about the trial in the New York Times and elsewhere.

Original photo of the cathedral is by Sergius, from Wikimedia. Used under GNU licence.

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