Thursday, August 23, 2012

Advanced Gradient Color Fill in iWork graphics.

This drawing shows how Advanced Gradient fill in iWork can be used to give volume to your designs.
Current versions of iWork have the Advanced Gradient colour fill option. Open Graphic Inspector and click on the Fill tab to choose this option.

Click on the sliding arrows under the colour well and when Colors Viewer opens choose the colors to mix. You can mix two or more colours. Dragging the arrows changes the 'proportions' of the mix.

The two square icons below the colour well are to choose the direction of the mix. The one on the left mixes colours sideways, the second - like ripples on water. Dragging the blue point in the middle changes the position of the centre of the 'ripples.'

Next, under Stroke, click on the drop-down menu, choose Picture Frame. From the Picture Frame menu select the one with blurred edges.

Move the gradient-coloured shape over the caterpillar's body and head, duplicate and move around. To move the shape behind the caterpillar's eyes and mouth, use Arrange>Send Backward.

You can, of course, give Advanced Gradient fill to the main shapes themselves.


  1. Anonymous9:41 am

    If you have several colours, how do you remove one of them?

    1. Click on the unwanted colour tag and drag it off the colour strip, it will disappear in a puff of smoke. Like you remove icons from the Dock. You can't do it when there are only two colours left.


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