Thursday, February 23, 2012

A note to beginners.

I work in Pages is a blog for confident iWork users. In my posts I usually skip the obvious steps you find in manuals, guides and on some web-sites. 

You don't need to be reminded to 'open a Pages document, to open go to File..' or 'select the Object, then move it...' before you start the actual task. I think it only irritates people who want to get straight to the point and see the main clue to accomplishing the task. Usually there is just one crucial tip.

If, however, you find that something is missing or you can't understand how to get where you want to, do get in touch. The content of this blog is created by one man, me, the publisher and author. I'll never send you back to read the manual or scoff at anyone's inexperience or incomprehension. No RTFMs here.

And of course I learn from readers' questions myself – no one can know everything.

The content is not checked or endorsed by Apple or any other computer company or specialists. It is entirely based on my own experience. Take it on 'as is' basis and let me know if there is an error or if you've found a simpler way of doing the same task.

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