Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Minimalist Nude 2 (drawing pictures and logos)

Minimalist Nude
A few weeks ago I published 'Nu Minimale', a picture made with iWork's draw tool. The tool sits as the last option in the Shapes menu. It is for creating free-drawn (custom) shapes.

In other words, it's an artist's tool. Look at it as a pencil, a piece of chalk, a brush or a stylus.

To create shapes click several times. Each click creates a dot and each next dot connects to the previous one with a line of default colour and thickness.

To make a closed shape, make a roundtrip with your clicks – and click on the first dot again. To make a line, double click on the last dot.

After the basic shape is created we can edit and modify it.

This is how it works.

Click one-two

Click two-three

Click three-four

Click four-five

Click five-six
And double-click on the last dot. 
Format>Shape>Smooth Path

This makes the line curving instead of angled. 
Choose a line style  
In Graphics Inspector, under Stroke click on Line and choose a line style from the drop-down menu.
Make curves
When you click on red dots – editing points, they turn white and show 'propellers'. Drag, pull out or push in to change the curves of the line. When you drag one propeller, the other one moves too. To move them independently, press Command while dragging. 

Curve the line until it resembles the curves of a body.

Watch an Adobe Illustrator's video tutorial to get the gist of how the curving function works. It's pretty much the same in iWork. 

See earlier post 'Nu Minimale'.
and have a look at 'Obama, Blues Brothers and Picasso'.

In this clip from Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' Gil stuns Paul with his deep understanding of avant-garde art:

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