Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Five Years of Working in Pages.

It is five years since I've started blogging about iWork/Pages.

It seems like a long time. I only began it to organize my numerous scribbles on solutions I found while working in Pages, but slowly it grew into a popular source of information, a point of reference for hundreds of iWork/Pages users throughout the world. The blog is now visited by over a thousand people a day.

It seems like a long time, but what amazes me is that I still have that uplifting feeling of excitement and discovery every time I try something new in Pages.

A big thank you to the readers of I Work in Pages for support, encouragement, comments and suggestions.

Letters above are 'written' with the Draw Tool (in the Shapes menu) and then edited (Format>Shape>Smooth Path). The candle consists of edited shapes – two ovals with gradient colour fill and a rectangle. Both ovals have coloured shadows flowing in opposite directions (add shadow in Graphics Inspector and rotate the shadow angle wheel). This gives the halo effect to the flame.


  1. Hi, I wonder if you have ever used Iwork or iPages to create your blog posts? I have a pc sitting next to my mac so I can use windows Livewriter to publish blog posts to my evergreen real estate site. Its obviously a pain! But IPages looks so similar to livewriter (at least at first glance) that I think it may be possible to use it for blogging. What do you think? Since it is a real estate site I use a ton of photos of different homes and links to other posts and the formatting is very important to me since I want it to be very aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. So the need for easy and fast html coding is important.

  2. I write my posts in Pages and illustrations are all from Pages. But I suppose you are asking something different – is it possible to design web-pages in iWork/Pages? You can't design a web-page in Pages, but you can design a real estate ad or promotional leaflet and put it up on your blog as a jpeg or a pdf to download via a link.

    Otherwise, I think it's a question of finding a suitable blog or web platfrom. As you see, I've been using Blogger (blogspot) for years and quite like it.

  3. Pierre Pellot6:00 pm

    5 ans : Bon anniversaire ! Et félicitations !


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