Monday, August 08, 2011

How to make a hand-written note

- Find a clipart image of a sheet from a note-pad, or scan a blank sheet of lined paper, or take a photo of one using the macro setting on your camera;
- Drag the image onto a Pages document;
- Insert a Text box and type your text in it;
- Move the Text Box over the image, Group under arrange menu,
- for additional effect, rotate slightly.

To make the text look like it’s hand-written use italics font variation. Some fonts are designed to look like handwriting, try Lucida Grande Handwriting, Mistral, Santa Fe, Textile, School House Cursive, Handwriting Dakota or Marker Felt. The font in the example above is Lucida Grande Handwriting.

You can use the Draw Tool to create your own original letters and numbers. Read this article to learn how to.

...or make a screenshot of a Sticky note and use it as clipart. The font used here is Handwriting Dakota.

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