Thursday, May 12, 2011

Growing With Readers: 17,000 Pageviews

I Work in Pages blog has recently reached a new milestone by breaking through 17,000 pageviews per month. Every day four to eight hundred readers come here for tips, advice and to read tutorials.

I welcome comments, suggestions and questions. They all help to make this publication even more useful and exciting to those who have passed the initial stage of getting acquainted with iWork/Pages and want to get more out of this wonderful programme.

Please note that all content is original, including text, photos and graphs, unless otherwise stated. Images, quotes and other creative work is attributed and used either with permission or under generally accepted editorial and publishing rules. Copyright belongs to me, Alexander Anichkin, author and publisher. If you wish to republish, syndicate or otherwise use any of the content, please contact me beforehand. Commissions are also welcome.

Thanks for your support.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to finally write and thank you for the wonderful repository for Pages your site has become. Being a web designer who also dabbles in print your resource has been great in helping me utilize Pages as a print solution. Many clients want simple flyers or quick brochures and, to me, Pages is a very easy to use graphic word processor. Thanks to your site I have been able to bound over the hurdles that were in my way in utilizing Pages as a print design program. Awesome job and thanks for sharing all that you know!

  2. Thanks,

    and you are right - there is an unfortunate divide between the skills of designers and typographers, and between writers (content creators) and designers and typographers. It's not always easy to go over that divide, but with iWork/Pages - and a little elbow grease - we can.

    Good luck with your porjects!


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