Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Bother With Cropping, Import the Whole PDF

A quick tip, in case you spend ages cropping PDFs or other graphic images before importing them into your Pages project: don't bother with cropping, just import the whole PDF (or JPG, or PNG, or anything else) – and mask the required portion of it.

It is much quicker and doesn't affect the final result.

I've done it, for example, when putting sudoku and crossword puzzle solutions at  the end of the small ads section. Sudokus and crosswords are done by someone else, I print them to PDF and drop the PDF into the page, then mask. 'Snap to grid' function (alignment guides) helps here, because when you drag mask borders they snap to the columns of the page layout.

The same principle applies to photos: import the whole photo, then mask it to leave just the detail that best suits your design. And remember – masks can be rotated and even edited like any other objects.

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