Friday, August 13, 2010

Transparent Text (Putting Image Inside Letters) - Simplified Process

Read the original full tutorial here,
and see examples here and here and here.

I thought the step-by-step guide to putting an image inside transparent letters might be too complicated for less confident Pages users. Here is a simplified version, skipping details and additional effects.

- type text as usual (black letters on white background), make them bold, enlarge;
- make a screenshot of the text: Command+Shift+4 (⌘+⇧+4), image should appear on your Desktop;

- put screenshot over the photo.
It may be easier to open a new blank document and import the photo into it, then the screenshot of the text.

- remove black text with Alpha
- you should see your image through letters now.

 Here I put a panorama of New York skyline inside the famous I love New York slogan. The heart shape is in the Character Palette>Symbols>Miscellaneous.

Original panorama photo of New York by Daniel Schwen


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    Hey LOVE THS TIP!!!! Thanks. Now do you know how I can make a vector file from Pages? Pdf doesn't work with a laser cutting company that cuts stencils. They need a vector file saved as EPS.

    1. Two suggestions:
      - Save your project as a PS (PostScript) file and ask the company to convert it to EPS. The PostScript option is under the PDF drop-down menu in the Print dialogue. EPS is a type of PS.
      - try any of a number of online converters, such as Go2Convert or OnlineConvert. I haven't tried this route but they claim to convert to EPS.

  2. Thanks a lot for this. Was of great help :)

  3. Is it a certain program that I have to use for this?

    1. No. it's all in Pages. Use graphic tools as described in the post.


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